What We Are Doing

Recovery Ministries was founded in July 2014 by President Tim Cormier, with board members Jachin Dardar and Ravi Kamath. To his surprise, Tim has established a Facebook ministry called methaddictshelp, which now has over 130,000 followers. As led by the Lord, Tim has sent out prayer videos and made personal phone calls to hundreds of men and women, who have been delivered from addiction by the miraculous power of Jesus. Our ministry has consistently supported a food bank in Louisiana and a ministry focused on missions to India. In June 2017, the ministry purchased a four-acre 45,000 square foot facility in Rayne, Louisiana, which was previously a hospital, for an incredibly low price, glory be to God! We are currently renovating the building, with plans to operate the facility as a free Christian residential retreat center for men recovering from addiction. 

How We Got Here

Tim, the son of preachers Paul and Alice Cormier, was raised in the non-denominational Full Gospel Church, and was called by God and started preaching at the age of 19.  At the age of 43, after 23 years in the ministry, a life shattering event caused Tim to abandon the faith. His struggles with depression and insomnia eventually led to an addiction to methamphetamines and within a few months, becoming a drug dealer. 

During twelve years in addiction, apart from his parents, one of the only Christians to reach out to Tim was Brother Jachin Dardar, who had grown up with Tim and welcomed him into his home and helped him spiritually and financially.  Jachin began preaching at the age of 15 and has faithfully served the Lord for 48 years in the ministry with Cindy, his wife of 44 years.

Ravi, who was raised as a nominal Hindu in Bombay, India, came to the US in 1986, and had a successful career in finance.  However, he suffered from depression and had suicidal thoughts, and numbed his despair through drugs. In 2000, he met Jen, an exotic dancer whose grandparents had been missionaries in Pakistan, and through her, met her boyfriend Tim, with both helping supply Ravi with drugs.

But God takes what was meant for bad, and turns it into good.  In February 2013, while in jail, Tim was set free from addiction and returned to serving our Lord Jesus Christ. In March 2013, Jen entered into rehab for meth addiction, and was saved, with the couple being married in June 2014.  In July 2014, Tim led Ravi to the Lord, with the ministry being formed shortly thereafter.

Our Mission

To preach the Christian gospel of recovery to people of all walks and faiths; to establish places of outreach and recovery, along with churches; to evangelize the world with the message of Christ; and to help the poor and the downtrodden with food, clothing, shelter and comfort.