Do you feel trapped? Feel helpless? Has your addiction stolen everything from you? Are there voices and thought patterns destroying your ability to cope with the pressures of life? Is a spirit of loneliness, rejection, and depression suffocating your will to live? Have you often felt you would be better off if you just died? If you have, then you are a candidate for God’s miracle saving power. Within the pages of this book you will find the tools that restored my life from a strong addiction to methamphetamine (crystal-meth), and clinical depression. They are the 14 principles of deliverance that worked in my life as the Holy Spirit revealed them to me during my complete restoration. As I sat down to write this book, I felt the powerful Holy Spirit and His anointing upon every word. Many times, my key board was covered in tears, as I revisited the healing power of God. This is God’s gift to you and I. Words of hope, love, and miracle power from a God that is concerned about us.

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