Get to know the Recovery Ministries leadership

Tim Cormier

Tim is the founder and President of the ministry. After 23 years in Christian ministry as a pastor and evangelist, a life shattering event caused Tim to abandon the faith. His struggle with depression and insommnia led to an  addiction to methamphetamine (crystal-meth), and within a few months becoming a drug dealer. But the LORD has restored what addiction, sin, and Satan destroyed in his life birthing this ministry focused on delivering the addict. He started a Facebook page called methaddictshelp in 2014, which now has over 137,000 followers.  He is married to his wonderful wife Jen.

Ravi Kamath

Ravi is the cofounder, treasurer and a member of the board of directors of the ministry. Born in Bombay, India and raised a nominal Hindu, Ravi came to the US in 1986, and had a successful 27 year business career in investment banking and asset management, but was in spiritual despair with suicidal thoughts numbed by drugs.  He was radically saved at the age of 49, co-founding the ministry shortly thereafter.

Jen Cormier

Jen is Tim's wife, and our Social Media director and a Recovery Mentor. Jen is a Certified Crisis Interventionist, and currently working toward a Certificate in Biblical Counseling. Raised in a troubled and broken home, Jen became a drug addict, and an exotic dancer to help support her drug habit. Thanks to the continuing prayers of her grandparents who had been missionaries in Pakistan, after Tim's conversion, under much conviction and soul searching in rehab, she dedicated her life to Christ.  Jen is the mother of two beautiful children.

Jachin Dardar

Jachin is the cofounder and a member of the board of directors of the ministry. He began preaching at the age of 15 and is now celebrating 48 years of ministry in the Word, with Cindy, his wife of 44 years. They have a 26-1/2 year pastoral career and for the past 17 years have traveled extensively mainly preaching Camp Meetings, Conferences, Revivals, and Seminars. He also serves as Presbyter/Overseer of churches and ministries as well as consultant to pastors and ministers.