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Hope Recovery Center (HRC)

HRC is a 4 acre 45,000 sq. ft. facility, which will be operated as a state licensed Medicaid-funded (FREE to client) Christian treatment center for men coming out of addiction.

Hope Recovery Center Timeline

Jun 2017 – Purchased 45,000 sq. ft. old hospital in Rayne, Louisiana, renamed Hope Recovery Center

Jun-Oct 2017 – Clean up & disposal, external painting, roof repair, mold remediation

Nov 2017 – Received architect report for multi-phase renovation of Center

Mar 2018 - Signed letter agreement with city inspector, who presented renovation plan to the Rayne City Council

Jul 2018 – Signed contract for sprinkler & fire alarm systems installation with S&S Sprinkler

Aug 2018 – Professional of Record Ziler Architects submitted preliminary architectural plans to Louisiana State Fire Marshal

Nov 2018 - S&S Sprinkler submitted detailed plans for the sprinkler and fire alarm systems to the Louisiana State Fire Marshal

Dec 2018 -  Louisiana State Fire Marshal approved the plans for the sprinkler and fire alarm systems

Jan 2019 -  Received the construction permit from the City of Rayne for sprinkler & fire alarm systems, as well as Phase I air conditioning and repairs to flooring and walls

Feb 2019 - Construction commenced

Jul 2019 - Signed contract with Butcher Air Conditioning for Phase I AC installation

Sep 2019 - Installation of Phase I Air Conditioning complete

Oct 2019 - Installation of sprinkler & fire alarm complete

Nov 2019 - Louisiana State Fire Marshal inspected and function tested sprinkler and fire alarm systems, declaring them Acceptable for Use

Apr 2020 - Receipt of Phase I Certificate of Occupancy